How important is your working environment?

I’ve recently redesigned my workspace and it got me thinking… How important is your working environment? So I looked into it and it turns out… it’s pretty important! Most of us spend a lot of our time in the ‘office’ so naturally it’s important that we have a good environment to work in. It really can effect your wellbeing more than you realise! I’m not suggesting you clear out the office and replace the furniture with inflatables or even cable cars (as Google Zurich have done), but you should think about it. Great energy can be created by an attractive, fun and comfortable environment which in turn should increase productivity.

A few things I’ve learn that might be worth thinking about:

  • Are there windows in the space? Windows allow natural sunlight and Vitamin D into an office, which are essential to contributing to a good mood
  • Is your workspace clutter free? Too much clutter can distract you, having a clean, simple desk can help you to focus on your goals
  • Is your space open? If you work in a team, having an open workspace allows for easy communication

Some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial companies have very inspirational spaces, I particularly like UrbanOutfitters​ hanging garden above. Have a look at boredpanda’s idea of the ‘Coolest Offices In The World‘.