5 advantages to hiring an event manager

With the new year upon us, it’s likely that you have some corporate events in your marketing plans for 2018. You know how valuable they can be in achieving your marketing objectives. Perhaps it’s a gala dinner or awards ceremony, an update conference, an incentive for the sales team or maybe a corporate hospitality programme for your most important clients.

Corporate events are an important element in the marketing mix, they can bring huge benefits to a business, increasing sales, generating new leads and turning prospective clients into clients.

You’re not alone, with over 1.3 million business events being held in the UK every year and the industry is growing. If you’ve ever had to organise a corporate event yourself, you’ll know just how stressful that can be!

To help you decide whether or bring on board an event manager, here are five of the advantages:

1. Time is precious

As you know, in the lead up to an event there are so many things that need to be arranged, checked or confirmed. Finding time to plan an event is hard, planning it around your work life, family and other commitments.

Event managers run events day in and day out. They have established relationships with hotels, venues and suppliers and can negotiate exclusive rates on your behalf. They also know how to add value – getting you more for your money and adding to the overall experience. All these insider relationships means you save both money and time!

When working with an event manager, all you need to do is agree the date and location of the event and the rest will be taken care of, meaning your employees can remain dedicated to their core roles rather than being tied up for weeks or even months organising venues, entertainment options and managing delegates.

Hire someone that you can trust to look after everything from the original concept to the delivery on the day.

2. Insider knowledge, skills & expertise

Event managers are professional project managers, prepared for every eventuality – they’ve seen it all before! They know what questions to ask, what’s needed and how long things take. They are highly organised, always meet their deadlines and know how to manage a budget.

Finding the best venue, caterers, activities and entertainment is second nature to an event manager. They know how to meet a client’s needs, can offer alternative options, saving you hours searching!

All event managers have their own little black book full of preferred suppliers and trusted partners. Having built up contacts over the years they know who would work best for each company, they can also get you exclusive discounts and offers that companies going direct just wouldn’t get. It avoids wasting time looking suppliers, setting them up inside your company and negotiating payment terms.

Experienced event managers have a brain full of out-of-the-ordinary ideas and are very familiar with the latest trends and techniques. Based on previous experiences, they can help you to design an unforgettable event for your guests. Event managers are used to managing challenging situations, have the knowledge of venues and suitable locations, are accustomed to managing multiple suppliers and have the cultural and language understanding of several event destinations.

3. Professional on the day delivery

The success of an event depends on every element and every person involved in the project doing their job to a high standard. This requires a smooth running schedule, which needs someone to foresee where flexibility is required. Event managers have previously dealt with almost anything they are quick to tackle any unexpected situation before most people even notice whats happening. They are professional and work extremely hard to provide a memorable experience for your guests, allowing you to enjoy the event, stress free.

So, when you’re next given the task to plan the work summer party, incentive trip or a sales conference don’t rule out outsourcing. Event managers can provide you with fresh ideas, time and cost saving for your company as well as ensuring that the event experience is outstanding.

4. No hidden costs

Event managers know the important questions to ask. A seasoned professional will ask the right questions from the start, so that hidden venue or supplier costs will be explained, avoiding any unexpected costs when it comes to paying the final invoice.They are know when cutting costs is appropriate, (and when it’s not), which is likely to save you unnecessary expense.

5. Remain Stress Free 

Stress reduction is often seen as one of the big benefits for employees when hiring an event manager. All of the liaison and preparation will be managed by them, leaving you worry and stress-free, knowing they are on standby to manage any issues that may arise.

Whatever events you have in the pipeline, working with an event manager will help to maximise your budget and facilitate smoother running events, that are more successful.

If you think you’d like to work with a professional to manage your next event, why not give me a call to see how I can help.