An interview with… Ear Candy Oxford

An interview with… Ear Candy Oxford

Music is such a key part of your wedding day. From your ceremony entrance music, to your drinks reception, meal and party, it sets the tone for each element of the day. A big question for many is whether to have live or recorded music, or a combination of both.

For the evening reception, most couples choose to have either a live band or DJ.  During your wedding planning, think about what genres you listen to, what your couple style is and what will get your guests on the dance floor!

We spoke to David from Ear Candy Oxford and asked him about the band and their tips for couples planning their wedding.


Tell us a bit about you

My name is David Ashworth and I sing/play guitar for Ear Candy Oxford. Ear Candy Oxford was founded over 10 years ago by Jacob Roos and I after realising we hated our jobs. We both had a passion for music and performing so decided to pursue this as a career. Initially we did not have enough songs to perform in pubs/clubs so we took to the streets to expand our repertoire and hone our craft with busking. This proved to be an invaluable way of cutting our teeth and learning the necessary skills to get people’s attention and then provide them with entertainment that had value. Since then we’ve built the band into a successful business that offers multiple live band line-up options, DJ packages and photo booth hire. We still love providing value and that level of entertainment.


I’m not going to ask you what’s your favourite song… so instead, I’d love to know, what song is your guilty pleasure?

Listening to music is usually mood based for me. I’d say funk music is my first love. Well, anything with a groove – something that grabs you and doesn’t let go – no matter how cheesy and uncool.


Are there any particular trends you’re seeing for this year/next?

We’ve noticed that lots of couples are letting go of the traditional wedding format and customising their day in a way that reflects them more honestly. It would seem that they’re putting new life and excitement into the biggest day of their lives. We support that 100%. We offer bespoke ceremony and drinks reception packages so that our couples have licence to let their personalities shine through, especially on the key moments like the bridal entrance/bride & groom exit song. We have had so many great song requests for these special moments – we’re here to support their vision.


What advice would you offer for couples planning the music for their wedding?

I’d say… be honest and excited about what you’d love to hear – we’re always open to suggestions and welcome new ideas. We’ve played thousands of weddings over the years and we’re happy to help and support you through your choices and plans for the day. We enjoy taking the enthusiastic ideas of our couples and using our experience to make it a reality.


Is there anything that you’d love to do for a wedding that you haven’t yet?

Oooooh, now that’s a question. Skydive? Lol. Honestly I don’t really mind as long as we’re all having fun. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small village pub or a cliff-edge 5* venue, the objective is fun and fulfilling the vision of the client.


What’s the most important lesson that the industry has taught you so far?

Provide value. Learn from the needs of the customer. Think like the fish not the fisherman. Have fun and be patient.


If you had to give up something tomorrow, what would you find it hardest to live without?

My freedom. That and my cat Feefo. 😉


How can people find out more about what you do?

Our website is You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud.

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