Fun, unusual table name ideas

It’s time to name your wedding tables!


One of our favourite parts of the wedding planning process is working with the couple on their seating plan design.

Table names are a great way to show a little bit of your couple style and personality. Whether you choose table names to reflect your wedding theme, or opt for something a bit more fun or unusual, hopefully these ideas will inspire you.



Do you spend evenings gazing at the beautiful star filled sky? Perhaps you got engaged under the moonlight or love to camp in the wilderness.  We love the idea of having star constellations as table names, there are so many to choose from, all with a different story and meaning.

Wedding Table Ideas

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Places in the City of Town You’re Getting Married In

If you’re having a city wedding, why not choose your favourite local landmarks as your table names. We work regularly in Oxford which is full of historically rich architecture and certainly isn’t short of a landmark or two! The Radcliffe Camera, Bridge of Sighs and the Oxford Castle (and former prison) to name a few.  Or how about more modern or unusual landmarks, personal to you.


You Friend’s and Families’s Favourite Films

So we’ve all got a favourite film, or two, haven’t we. But do you know what films your closest friends and family members would choose as theirs? Why not do some secret squirrel activity find out their favs and name your tables after them. It’s also a great opportunity for a fun film based trivia table game!


Woodland Animals

If you love the countryside, or your venue is a country venue, why not name your tables after the local wildlife? Foxes, pheasants, hedgehogs, there’s so many to choose from!

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Childhood Sweets

What child doesn’t love sweets, and there’s nothing quite as fun to reminisce about the past. For me it would be foam bananas… what’s your favourite childhood sweet? Why not add a jar full of your favourites to the table or make them your favours too!


Pantone Colours

I think we all love a bit of colour don’t we? How about naming your tables after your favourite colours, using Pantone colour postcards as your table name display.

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Song Lyrics

As a couple you’ll have a mix tape worth of songs that hold a special meaning.  Name your tables after them, choosing your favourite lyrics, guest can them send the wedding breakfast trying to work out what song their table is named after.


Special Dates

Dates have always been popular table name option. A great way to keep your guests guessing what the significance of the date their table is name after.  Recently, we worked with a couple that asked us to change their table name dates… moving away from key dates (and times) in their life as a couple, to be all dates within the last few months… So now three of the tables will be named after the dates that their wedding had been planned for, and postponed from, with the fourth table (the top table) will be their actual wedding date.


Have you seen any fun and interesting table names?

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