Plan a more sustainable, eco-friendly wedding

How to plan a more sustainable, eco-friendly wedding

We know that’s it’s not always been the first thing on people’s lists when planning their wedding, but are excited that it’s moving on up the list of priorities for many. On average, two-fifths of couples now consider sustainability when planning their wedding day. But what does having an eco-friendly wedding actually mean in practical terms?


The obvious… Avoid single use plastic

You knew it would be the first thing on the list… plastic!

Sky Ocean Rescue reported on average 18kg of single-use plastic is thrown away at each and every wedding in the UK. If we could eliminate single use plastic from weddings, we could save over 4,910 tonnes of plastic pouring into our oceans, every year! That’s the equivalent weight of 30 houses! 

It’s easy to see why plastic has become such an overly used material in the world of weddings, and is the worst offender. With fake confetti, disposable decorations, water bottles and single use gift bags to name a few… and that’s not even including the throw away plastic packaging.

So instead of purchasing new we always suggest: hire, reuse (or re-purpose) and recycle.

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Think about the food

Back in 2017 (I know that’s a few years ago now, but honestly not much has changed in terms of waste)… Sainsbury’s revealed that on average, £488 of food at a wedding goes to waste, with wedding cake being the biggest problem. 15% of couples also said they threw away at least a third of their wedding cake!

Always try to go for plated, served meals over self service. If there really is no option other than a buffet or grazing table, talk to the caterer about creating a menu that is adapted to suit your guests. Serve them their favourite foods and they’re sure to eat it all.

It’s not for everyone, but you could also consider serving a fully vegetarian (or vegan) wedding breakfast. It’ll have a lower impact on the planet, without sacrificing the taste as plant-based foods, on average, consume far fewer resources to produce.

Having an open, honest conversation with your caterers is key. Talk to them about where they source their produce. The more local they are, the less carbon footprint they have!

It’s also a great idea to talk to your caterer about donating surplus meals to a local foodbank or homeless shelter. Just be aware regulations can be strict, so be sure to organise this well in advance so that nothing goes to waste. Check out food collection services such as OLIO, Karma and To Good To Go  too.

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It can be budget friendly too!

As well as saving the planet, you’re likely to save money too. Using ethical suppliers, caterers that are sourcing food locally, seasonal flowers from UK flower farms and vintage, up-cycled and repurposed decorations, isn’t only good for the soul but also the bank balance.


It’s not just about being green, it’s about being ethical too

When we talk about sustainable weddings, we’re also talking about using ethical, mindful suppliers. It’s now possible for every element of your wedding to be provided by or bought from, sustainable, ethical companies across the UK. From handmade recycled wedding invitations to a certificated natural coloured diamond ring.

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Need help on where to start?

Over the last two years we’ve been working with couples and suppliers to help them make small but significant changes. For example, thing about switching floral foam arrangements for bud vases filled with seasonal blooms, or potted plants. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make your day as low impact as possible.

Your wedding day is bespoke, tailored and all about you! It should reflect you as a couple, your personalities, your style and your ethics. We love working with eco-conscious couples, planning weddings that create lasting memories, without leaving a negative impact on our planet. If that’s you, and you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

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