How to plan an environmentally conscious wedding in under 6 months

An average engagement typically lasts about 18 months, but there are many reasons that couples are now choosing to speed up their wedding planning and fast forward to their big day. But how do you plan a sustainable wedding that is both memorable and kind to the planet in just a few months?

The secret to planning an environmentally conscious wedding in 6 months is quite simple… find the right venue and suppliers.


The venue is the key to unlock your sustainable wedding

Finding the right venue that meets your sustainable criteria is the first (and biggest) step. Look for a venue that is environmentally conscious, uses a renewal energy supplier, limits waste sent to landfill, and most importantly, works with suppliers that share their ethos.

If you’re able to host all elements of your wedding in one location you will be reducing the need for guests to travel during the day which will also cut their travel carbon emissions.

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Sustainable wedding planning is about trusting your gut

If it seems too good to be true, it might well be, so ask the question. There are some wedding suppliers out their using the term sustainable, eco or green, but aren’t actually doing anything in practice.  If you’re unsure about a supplier’s then call them up and ask them to tell you about what they’re doing to protect the environment. If they are doing everything they say they are, and should be, then they’re be proud to talk about it. We’ve put together a few examples of things you can ask your suppliers:

  • Do they have a sustainability or environmental policy?
  • What are they doing to reduce their waste?
  • Have they spoken to their supply chain about sustainability and ensured they are only purchasing from sustainably minded businesses?
  • Have they removed single use plastic from their operations?
  • Do they use 100% renewable energy in their offices?
  • Do they have a staff travel policy?


Encourage your guests to be conscious

The last piece in the puzzle are your guests, how they travel to your wedding, what they wear and what they buy for you…  think about including in your invitation that you’re planning a sustainable wedding and so are asking guests to be conscious of that. Perhaps make your dress code ‘something you already own and look awesome in’. Maybe create a WhatsApp group for people that live near to each other so that they can car share (or taxi share) to the wedding. If you’re asking for wedding gifts, ensure you’re clear about what you would like and need, create a gift list. If not, ask people to come along as just themselves, or donate a tree to your wedding forest to help you to rewild Britain (and offset the carbon footprint for your wedding)!

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Get rid of the unnecessaries

We’ve all seen them before… we’re talking about all those little things, all the elements that are nice to have, but when you look at the waste and cost (both financially and to the planet) aren’t truly necessary.  We’re talking about the the bathroom baskets, flip flops, glow sticks and all the other single use items that are bought with all good intentions but are rarely used.

The Sustainable wedding Alliance has written a great article about how you, and your guests can get rid of the unnecessaries.


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The key to planning is being organised

It’s no secret that wedding planning is about being organsied. Getting the right things done, at the right time. You can plan a wedding with just a couple of months lead time, but need to be flexible and responsive in order to secure the venue and suppliers you really want. Sticking to your wedding season is key – work with suppliers to make the most of the what is in season, whether that’s food, flowers or the amount of sun light on your day.

We work with couples to plan environmentally conscious wedding, with trusted, sustainable and ethical suppliers in whatever time frame suits them.

All images by Rachel Mullins Photography. Props and styling by Lulubee Weddings. Flowers grown and arranged by Skylark Flower Co. 

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