What is a sustainable wedding planner?

What is a sustainable wedding planner?

It’s exciting to say that couples, like you, have become more aware of their impact on the environment and want to extend their conscious lifestyle choices to their wedding day. And more and more wedding suppliers have adapted their businesses to be more sustainable too.  In practice this means that there is a lot more ethical, sustainable choices for couples that care.


You could help to save over 4,910 tonnes of plastic pouring into our oceans

According to Sky Ocean Rescue, in 2018 an average of 18kg of single-use plastic per wedding in the UK, is thrown away. If we could eliminate single use plastic from weddings, we could save over 4,910 tonnes of plastic pouring into our oceans, every year! There are lots of ways we can minimise waste, but the overall goal is always to turn the tide stop creating it altogether.


So, where do you start when planning a sustainable wedding?

In additional to a planner, the first three suppliers you book, are key to how sustainable your wedding will be: Your venue, caterer and florist. Theses suppliers are also like to be amongst the highest spend in your wedding budget, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Should you chose a sustainable venue?

Yes, always, if there is one local to you. If not, there is no point in asking your family and friends to travel half way across the country to an eco venue, only to increase the overall carbon footprint of your wedding due to the amount of travel. Your wedding planner will work with you to understand the types of venue you love (and loath), your budget and style. They will then talk to venues local to you, about their sustainability policy and their experience in hosting eco conscious weddings.

We work with a range of venues across the country, from luxury modern barns to off grid eco centres, there really is eco venue to suit all styles and budgets.

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Choose your caterer wisely and consider food waste

A study by Sainsbury’s in 2017, suggested that a 10% of all wedding food ends up in the bin. That’s an average of £488 of wasted food per wedding.

We have open, honest conversations with caterers. Talking to them about where they source their produce, how they manage their waste and what they’re doing to reduce their energy consumption.

The aim is to create wedding day catering that is adapted to suit the season, locality and your guests – serve them their favourite foods and they’re sure to clear their plates!

We’re also huge advocates of a partially vegetarian (or vegan) menus. On average, plant-based foods, consume far fewer resources to produce, without sacrificing taste. So just by swapping out one course you can make a real impact.

In addition, we also suggest donating surplus meals to local foodbanks or homeless shelters. Regulations can be strict, so it’s something that needs a fair bit of planning, but really is worth it to ensure that nothing goes to waste.


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Flowers are important to us and our planet

Flowers are beautiful, but they also play a key role in sustainability, supporting the eco system and bio-diversity of our gorgeous green planet.  We champion UK flower farms, growing wonderful seasonal blooms and foliage year round.

Flower farms are such special places, with sustainability at their core. They use environmentally friendly farming techniques, working in harmony with the seasons, encouraging bees and other pollinators, and creating much needed safe havens for wildlife.

And it’s not just about growing the flowers, it’s important to think about the way arrangements are created too. This is often referred to as eco floristry and is essentially using only natural products to create bouquets and living displays. That means no floral foam or single use plastic!

We know that flowers aren’t for everyone, and you might prefer simple greenery or maybe an alternative bouquet made from paper flowers. We’re lucky in the UK to have fantastically creative artists and makers that can design you anything your heart desires, plastic free and eco friendly. Esty is always a great place to start for inspiration!


What’s next on the list to make our wedding day planet friendly?

Once we’ve secured your key suppliers for you, we then work on your decor style guide with you, planning all the little details that bring out your personality and couple style. We look at not only the end products (lighting, candles, soft furnishings etc) but also the supply chain of the product, before it even reaches you and your guests. We work closely with sustainable, ethical businesses to ensure that all elements of your day have minimal, or no impact on the world we live in.

Many businesses we work with are part of a circular economy.  Waste generated at weddings is put back into the manufacturing of other products, that can then have a new life of their own. In its simplest form, we work with a candle company, sending them used and damaged candles, which they melt down and use to produce new candles.

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Reading the sustainable small print…

We know there are many companies that claim to be sustainable, when unfortunately they’re not. Whether that’s through a lack of understand or green washing, or a combination of the two. As a sustainable wedding planner we only work with trusted, credible businesses that have proven their eco credentials.

So by working with us, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have written a list, checked everything twice and will certainly find out who is naughty or nice!


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