Why choose a sustainable wedding band?

Why choose a eco wedding ring?

Getting married is a beautiful opportunity, not just the start of a new chapter but also the chance to tell a story of what came before and to shape the narrative of what is to come.

One of the ways many couples choose to weave the magic of the past and future together is in the creation of a beautiful, bespoke wedding band, an Eco Wood Ring.

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What is an Eco Wood Ring?

An Eco Wood Ring is a wedding or engagement ring that is truly one of a kind and is a way for a couple to capture a moment and wear it forever as almost anything can be included inlaid inside it.

It’s a way to cherish something meaningful from your past and bring it as a beautiful reminder with you into your future life together. For some couples it’s sand or a shell from the beach where they got engaged, a rock from a mountain they climbed together or a dried flower from a beloved garden that feature in their rings. For others, it’s shavings from heirloom rings, fragments of much loved possessions or simply the wood from their favourite tree that matter most and are included. The only limit is imagination.

The eco conscious choice

An Eco Wood Ring is the thoughtful choice for those couples who desire a more sustainable wedding and who want to be able to add their own creativity and meaning as the rings can be made from wood and materials you supply or from the reclaimed collection, sustainably sourced from across the globe.

When you put such time and care into finding just the right venue for your happy day, it can be the icing on the cake to take part of that special place with you too. Eco Wood Rings have developed special relationships with a number of sustainable and eco wedding venues across the UK so it is now possible for you to have your ring made from, or include, wood carefully harvested from the venue.

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What’s the process?

When you choose to create an Eco Wood Ring a conversation with Steve the founder will help you create the design that is just right for the unique story you want to tell. All your questions are answered and in usually just a few weeks you can look forward to a beautiful, sustainable and wholly individual ring to treasure for a lifetime.

Steve and Laura are always happy to hear from you with any questions or comments. Please feel free to connect either directly by email [email protected] or using their online enquiry form and they will be in touch.

Thank you to Steve and Laura from Eco Wood Rings for the guest post. If you’d like to find out more about their products or the ethos behind the company have a look at their website and check out some couple reviews. Can you also follow them on instagram, facebook and pinterest.

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