With the current restrictions, should we elope?

What do you need to know about eloping?

Recently, I’m increasingly being asked by couples about elopement and if it’s something they should be considering if they wish to keep their wedding date.  The short answer is yes, you should think about it, and heres why…

What is elopement?

When you think of elopement most people think about couples getting married in a sudden or secretive fashion, which, in the eyes of the dictionary, is the correct definition. To elope, literally means to run away and not come back again! Now I’m aren’t suggesting that. And given the current lockdown situation, I’m not sure it would even be possible. And for many, the romantic ideal of running away together to marry in secret holds appeal.

Now elopement isn’t about running away. It is about intentionally having a more about a private, intimate wedding experience, which allows for more emphasis on the you as a couple and your commitment to each other.

An alternative to elopement, is the idea of having a small marriage ceremony with your closest family, with a more traditional celebration at a later date. It is then your choice if you wish to have another ceremony, with a celebrant or even close friend or family member leading, as you would already be legally married.

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Increase in popularity

Over the last two years we have seen a rise in the number of couples researching and preferring elopement over the traditional wedding day. In fact, in 2019 Pinterest saw a rise of 128% of couples searching for elopement photography ideas and other related terms like ‘elopements in forests’.

Less stress?

Weddings can be stressful and with so many pressures on our modern lives, it’s not surprising that many people feel overwhelmed by the thought of planning a wedding. As a wedding planner, over the last decade I have seen an increase in couples that have enlisted me to help them through the planning journey because they just don’t have the capacity. Elopement can be a simpler option, putting the focus on your union.

To elope or not to elope?

So the question is, should you or shouldn’t you? The answer, if it’s feels right for you as a couple, yes! Your loved ones will be there to celebrate with you another day. Elope, commit to each other and have an amazing party when the time is right.


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